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We're Heading For An Indefinite State Of Emergency | Five To Save

The Z5 Piggy Bank has a siren on its head and its snout on the panic button but isn't pressing it just yet. Even though we might just permanently be on panic mode now.

Conditions aren't improving. So healthcare providers have to.

We're not saying this to be bleak. Or alarmist. It's just the reality we're all facing. Where COVID-19 cases are highest, they're plateauing. While the threat subsides somewhat in large regions of the US, it moves into more rural, more westerly regions. 

It might be too late for preparations, but it's never too late for adjustment. 


This week's five articles will hopefully guide you in the right direction by offering some examples of success and testimony from experts (which is sadly believed less and less by the general public as this pandemic drags on -- another "new normal" to adjust to). 

  1. The state of emergency that many hospitals are feeling is here to stay. But there are absolutely strategies healthcare workers can use to destress
  2. Use this time to embrace the lessons the pandemic has forced us to learn, like cooperation over competition. 
  3. Many hospitals are having to adjust their leadership and staff makeup in light of financial difficulties. (Might be a great time to start increasing the diversity of the healthcare workforce.) 
  4. Some of those financial difficulties might be lessened by the government's new HEALS relief package. Except that the majority of the CARES money hasn't been dispersed yet
  5. Maybe the best adjustment we've seen so far is Arizona's plan to reallocate patients according to the demand hospitals are experiencing. This Fierce Healthcare article calls for the same to be done with supplies. WHAT A CRAZY IDEA

It's remarkable what you can accomplish with a little...


Another constant in this world (well, for the most part) is our Five To Save newsletter. It includes an extra article or two to... uh... maybe not make you feel better. But you'll be better informed.




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