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Five To Save | They Weren't Prepared For Shortages. Are You? | Sep 24, 2018


The Z5 Piggy Bank ran out of food. Is the healthcare supply chain better prepared for shortages?

There are some things you just can't control. Your suppliers. Your government. Mother Nature herself. What you can do is: prepare for when disaster strikes.  

The first Five To Save of Fall assumes a lot of you. We know you're a responsible, forward-thinking professional. But how far ahead are you looking? Disaster could be on its way. And you might not even realize it. 

  1. With the state of international relations, we're all thinking about how trade wars and tariffs are affecting healthcare. Right? 
  2. And with Hurricane Florence just being the latest in a series of escalating natural disasters, surely you're prepared for disaster to strike
  3. Because if you experience shortages in even small areas, it creates big problems. Just ask Boeing
  4. Preparation isn't just for acts of God. This advice for warehouses applies to preparing for your inventory count, too.
  5. And maybe it wouldn't hurt to take a look at your "soft costs," too. 

Because surviving is one thing. But saving - that's how you thrive.

That's it for this edition! PLEASE comment below, email us, etc. Tell us what you liked. What was helpful. What you’d like to see more of.


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Written by Alex Diamond

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