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News To Be Thankful For | An Only-Good-News Edition Of Five To Save

The coloring book version of the Z5 Piggy Bank is decorated to look like a turkey wearing a surgical mask.

Good news is the only thing safe to share with your family this holiday season, so fire up a video chat and rattle these off as you're sitting down to eat.

There's lots of bad news out there. You don't need us to tell you that, because you're living it

Luckily there are some great people out there doing great things, like the recipients of our latest 50 For 50 donation:  

To bring you some other good news this week, we sifted through all the nightmares and discouragement to find five stories that gave us a little hope. Here they are: 

  1. Vaccines are supposedly going to be distributed nationwide within 24 hours of government approval. And, even if we still have some questions about the vaccines, there's little reasonable doubt that they will help save lives. 
  2. The first at-home COVID-19 test has been approved and will soon be available by prescription. 
  3. A concerted effort has begun to combat misinformation about this vaccine - and vaccines writ large - among the public, especially within underserved populations. 
  4. Speaking of which, a graduating class of new doctors created an oath that acknowledges and pledges to address the systemic issues of racial and economic injustice that prevent too many people from receiving the healthcare that every person deserves. 
  5. And we ought to be grateful for the extremely consistent, extremely vocal medical and scientific community who has said, without qualification, that no one should not be gathering for a multiple-household holiday celebration. Not at the end of the year, and not this weekend

BONUS: A COVID-19 patient at Intermountain Healthcare wasn't going to let being intubated keep them from cheering up the ward with a ditty on violin. 


If they can keep their spirits up, hopefully you can, too. 

With the utmost sincerity we can offer, from all of us at Z5 Inventory to you and all of yours: have the best week that you can. 


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