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Webinar Reminder: How Steward Saved $16 Million

Beckers Webinar

Wednesday, Feb. 17 we'll be live with Steward Health Care and Becker's Hospital Review for a webinar that's not boring. We promise.

If you haven't heard us harp on it enough recently, here's your last-minute reminder: Steward Health Care hospitals saved more than $16 Million by moving, selling, and donating their excess inventory. Every hospital in America could be taking advantage of this simple cost-avoidance measure, and we're telling you how in this webinar. 


If you're reading this after the webinar has gone live, don't worry! You haven't missed out on anything yet. 

The video will remain accessible on the Becker's website here, and so will the case study that we put together with Steward. But you can get a preview of that here

As always, if you would like to see how much you might be able to save from expiration, we'll be happy to run a complimentary analysis for you. All you have to do to seize these savings is reach out. 

Contact Z5

We will see you there, or we will see you on another time. 


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