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How One Provider Saved $16.3 Million

Z5 Reallocate professionals sort through supplies to find excess.

One of the largest private hospital operators nationwide - with 36 facilities in 9 states - was able to prevent more than $16 Million worth of medical and surgical supplies from expiring. That meant a cost avoidance of approximately $500,000 per facility. 

Learn how these hospitals used Z5 Inventory to identify, pick, pack, and ship slow-moving and excess product to make these savings possible.



Transfer the product between facilities in your system.


Get money back for
product you don't need.


Give product to one of your
partners or ours.
Two reallocation specialists use Z5 Inventory's mobile app to identify excess inventory.

The Expiration Solution

Up to 30% of every hospital's on-hand inventory will expire before it can be used. 3% of this year's - and every year's - supply chain spend will go to waste. 

But a partner armed with advanced analytics and experienced logistics can help them avoid that cost. A partner like Z5 Inventory.

Get a free, customized analysis of how much excess you have. 

"Doctors’ and nurses’ preferences change. Hospitals’ needs change. These medical supplies that pile up can seem like an inconvenient line item. But, properly reallocated, they're life-savers."

Carl Headshot 2 - zoomed in

Carl Natenstedt, CEO, Z5 Inventory