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Five To Save | What Is The 'We Still Use Windows 7' Of Your Hospital?


FTS - Windows 7

Every hospital - heck, every workplace - has ways they'd like to bring themselves into the year 2020. But they all have excuses for why they haven't, too.

The articles we ran across this week had one consistent theme: healthcare isn't where we want it to be. Sometimes that's due to physical constraints, like available space. Sometimes the constraints are regulatory. 

But what's needed to transform healthcare into an industry that can continue beyond this decade - even in the face of constraints - is ingenuity and determination. 

Let's take a look at the articles. 

  1. What's one small problem you're dealing with every day? Do you need to be dealing with it? Read how a hospital leader reexamined a simple practice and improved the patient and clinician experience. 
  2. Plenty of experts took a stab at what the future of healthcare might look like at the recent J.P. Morgan conference. Here's a roundup of the most interesting points
  3. That being said, aren't you tired of every healthcare conference being the same? Do you really need another branded ballpoint pen? What's the trade show of the future look like? 
  4. Here's a major goal we should take on in healthcare's supply chain: getting clinicians to adopt a cost-of-care mentality
  5. And, of course, the most basic thought that inspired this whole discussion: you need to update Windows immediately. Regardless of what version you're using. (Wanting to play The Sims on your work computer is not a good reason to keep it on Windows Me.) 


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