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Five To Save | Big Data Is The Hero You Need Right Now

The Z5 Piggy Banks are caped up and ready to crusade.

When you hear someone say the words “Big Data,” how are they saying it? Probably less “The Super Hero Who’s Gonna Save Us All” and more “The Big Bad That’s Going To Destroy Everything We Hold Dear.”

Those of us who are using sophisticated data analytics aren’t the most objective judges (yes, we think Big Data sounds like an awesome super hero), but that’s also why it’s up to us to change the perspective of people who hear “data” and either tune out or get turned up.

The next time you hear someone badmouthing big data, show them one of this week’s five articles. (We promise we didn’t write any of these, although every one says what we’ve said approximately 1 jillion times before.)

  1. Proper use of deep analytics will lower healthcare’s cost
  2. What happens when data lowers cost? Data raises profit.
  3. Why is it important to adopt new, progressive data policies? Because millennials – the soon-to-be majority in this country – won’t use your business without it.
  4. So you’re convinced. But how do you get Supply Chain and the C-Suite on the same page? (It should be easier, since executives are seeing the value of investing in supply chain.) 
  5. While we’re talking about data, let’s look at 5G – the technology du jour that everybody’s screaming about – and what it can do for healthcare.


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