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FEMA Doesn't Know How Much PPE It Has. Do You?

FEMA could not identify where its PPE was or how much it had. Can you do better?

(We're asking if you know your PPE quantities, not FEMA's. Although, if you could help them, we're sure they'd appreciate it.)

It's been an insane time -- one that's affected the entire civilized world in a way we haven't seen in generations -- but no one has been under the exact strain that's affected healthcare's supply chain. 

We're a business that props up the healthcare supply chain, and we're still as busy as we've ever been, helping collect and donate needed medical supplies and setting hospitals up to count their PPE inventory. (And, yes, we're still offering our Count software for free.) 

We've all been scrambling to find the supplies we need while product is being gobbled up and the supply chain is disrupted from start to finish

Many healthcare workers are unsure about their PPE levels. And where supply levels are known - like the Kentucky facility that's established a "war room" to track PPE levels - it's often so low that it's leading to clinicians leaving over safety concerns

It doesn't help that our government representatives are accusing healthcare workers of abusing or outright stealing PPE. But the government can't be particularly relied upon in this scenario, as we're seeing with FEMA's involvement. 

The organization that ought to be best prepared for this exact scenario could not quantify its PPE stock. Nor could it even say where its PPE is stored

To someone like you or us - someone who's seen the inside of medical materials management - that's probably not a shock. It's a shame, but it's not a shock. 

So we challenge you to do better than FEMA. It shouldn't be as hard as it might sound.

All you need is a way to take an accurate inventory quickly - like on a mobile device that uploads results instantly to the cloud so that all stakeholders can view reports detailing your inventory down to the shelf. 

And - again - that exact solution is currently free for every hospital that wants to track its PPE. 

You don't need a war room. You just need a smartphone. 


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