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Everybody's Talking About Supply Chain, Nobody Knows What It Is | Five To Save

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You probably just spent some time hearing your friends and family use the words "supply chain," and they were probably using them incorrectly.

That was one of the big takeaways from our survey of last week's healthcare supply chain news. The topics and concerns that we've been discussing here for a while have finally punched through to the public consciousness. But not in a way that's especially accurate or helpful. 

See how we got to this point in this week's Five To Save: 

  1. Even though more people are talking about logistics, they're only discussing the practice in terms of disruption. So "supply chain" has become kind of a dirty word. But that's only because most people don't understand it... 

  2. We're not doing ourselves any favors. Some of the biggest supply chain myths come from within. 

  3. It's short-sighted to pretend that things will be "back to normal" in 2022 when the evidence strongly points the other direction

  4. And it will be difficult when others want to squeeze savings out of supply chain but don't really understand it, especially when their idea of cost effectiveness is based on mortality rates

  5. Want to lessen the sting of constant systemic stress on your healthcare supply chain coworkers? Get them something better than these "10 items that are on every healthcare worker's wish list" that includes scrubs, a coffee mug, and food. We should all aspire to give better gifts than the literal minimum our coworkers need to do their jobs. 


Okay, it was a little bit of a slow news week. It's not like any massive updates about our worldwide pandemic came out over the holiday... right? 

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