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Disingenuous Action Is Worse Than No Action At All | Five To Save

The Z5 Piggy Bank is turned into an angel by fake praise that ultimately hurts an organization. 

Everybody seems to agree that we ought to be supporting our healthcare workers. But not everybody seems to be doing it. 

We won't be calling out any particular examples that we've seen. But if you had a momentary sinking feeling reading that first line, that's a pretty good indication that something's awry in your facilities. 

Your approach to this crisis has room for improvement. Because everybody's has. 

  1. You and other healthcare workers don't need to be called hero in a cute social post. What you need are concrete steps to protect and support your health
  2. Because, when healthcare providers engage in disingenuous behaviors that lose healthcare experts credibility, guess what happens to those providers' credibility. 
  3. Case in point: vaccine testing is moving forward every day. But we shouldn't be planning to have a vaccine this year. Or ever. 
  4. Cognitive dissonance is rife in patient and provider response to the pandemic. And we can't let that cripple our ability to adapt. 
  5. Because we can't afford to change nothing in the supply chain during another lull, and another spike, and then say: "I just cannot believe that we're in this situation again..." 


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