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Medical Supply Expiration Avoidance

You could make moves toward loss and expiration avoidance via massive projects, but wouldn't it be easier to make inventory optimization a routine part of what you're already doing every day?

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What You Can Do with Z5 Inventory


of your medical supplies can be transformed from expiration cost to usable savings.

1 Day

is all the time it should take healthcare facilities to count & value their medical supplies.

Up To 30%

discounts are available on quality medical supplies that healthcare facilities already use & trust.

floating colored chiclets revealing boxes of medical product labeled not to be thrown away

Save $16 Million

More than 30 healthcare facilities collaborated to prevent medical supply expiration. 

By implementing an initiative to move, sell, and donate their excess inventory before it had the chance to expire, Steward hospitals leveraged advanced analytics to experience immediate savings to reinvest in better care for the communities they serve.

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colored chiclets revealing hands holding medical supplies and a mobile device with the Z5 Inventory app necessary to count it

Spend 1 Day Counting

With the efficiency and portability of a mobile app and web dashboard, capturing inventory data has never been easier.

Hospitals across the state of Texas start counting what's on their shelves in the morning, and by the end of the day have not only their finalized data, but advanced analytics to recommend improvements.

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