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Z5 Inventory Honored As 'Most Promising Healthcare Solution Provider'

The logo for CIOReview's Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers 2021 awarded to Z5 Inventory.

In their annual review of tech improving the healthcare industry, online journal CIOReview put Z5 Inventory at the front of the class of 2021.

We were more than happy with the announcement, especially in light of our complete redesign of the Z5 Inventory platform and app. (Which, incidentally, you can try for free right now, whether you're a longtime Z5 partner or just heard of us for the first time.) 

Try The New Z5  For Free

Our team has been working incredibly hard to make counting easier at every step - from uploading inventory data to the actual valuation of what's on the shelf that instantly produces an analysis of potential excess - and this recognition by a tech-focused publication was well deserved. 

The way that Z5 Inventory improves the standard inventory-taking process - while at the same time providing savings opportunities for hospitals in danger of letting their supplies expire on the shelf - is unparalleled in healthcare today. We've known that for a while, but it's always nice for someone else to recognize it as well. 

Thanks to CIOReview for giving us an opportunity to brag on the truly unmatched work that our CTO, Brandon Burris, has spearheaded over the last year. Please give the feature that they wrote on Brandon and our CEO, Carl Natenstedt, a read here

Here's to a promising 2021! 

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