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Why Is Vaccine Hesitancy So High Among Healthcare Workers? | Five To Save

The Z5 Piggy Bank wields a needle. Probably not one filled with COVID-19 vaccine.

While every hospital department has its own daily concerns, there's exactly one story that's affecting the entire industry - and the entire country - at the same time.

The big question on everyone's shoulder this week is: "Have you gotten it yet?" And for too many folks who could be saying "Yes!" we're hearing something less encouraging.

So what is leading to this disconnect between healthcare workers and health? Is it folks being overly cautious or overly paranoid? Or is the truth (as it usually is) somewhere closer to the middle? 

  1. It's not especially surprising that something like 1 in 4 Americans aren't sure that they'll be vaccinated. But it is surprising that hesitancy is as high as it is among hospital employees

  2. Which leads to vaccine doses going unused, which leads to hospitals and states not ordering more vaccines when they have the allowance for more. 

  3. That's making healthcare workers ask each other: what might make someone directly tied to providing healthcare avoid treatment? 

  4. Good news is coming out of these discussions. If we look at groups like the Black community and Republican men, who are less pro-vaccine, they are pretty rapidly changing their stances. 

  5. And the further good news is that the numbers make these conversations very easy to have. The vaccines are very effective and already getting better. Fear-mongering might be good for headlines, but it doesn't stand up to reason

If you're talking to a fellow healthcare worker who's hesitant, hopefully this helps you talk them through their concerns. And if you're the worker with concerns, hopefully this helps you keep your patients, your loved ones, and yourself safer. 

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