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'When Will Disruption End' Question Unites Supply Chain Workers | Five To Save

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You feel like the supply chain has huge gaps and healthcare's infrastructure is deteriorating. And you're right. And - in more ways than one - you're not alone.

It may be to believe, given prolonged isolation in many cases and total lack of supportive resources in all cases, but it's true. Help may seem far away, but it's out there. 

That was the big takeaway from our survey of this week's news, including the Kaufman Hall study that we use to start off this edition of our Five To Save

  1. Disruption isn't just widespread -- it's universal. That's not exactly a surprising or nice thing to see borne out in the data, but it is nice to know you're not the one failing at your job, and you're not the only one. 

  2. If retailers and manufacturers overorder in anticipation of year-end demand, the supply chains for every sector - including and especially healthcare - are going to be interrupted all over again. 

  3. So you'll have to resort to nonstandard, not-as-seasoned distributors. But beware of situations like several cases of supplier-based crimes we ran across recently: 
    1. Millions of counterfeit masks were sold to Cleveland Clinic. 
    2. One glove manufacturer was caught using forced labor.
    3. And another glove manufacturer turned out to be a redistributor who was literally painting used, bloody gloves to make them look new. What a nightmare. 
  4. Surely you, a reasonable person, are pointing out that we're approved for vaccine boosters that are reliably indicated to be effective. And that reliably offers more protection than antibodies resulting from previous infection. Which is all good news! 

  5. So now you're asking the next reasonable question: how much longer can this disruption last? Will the government stepping back in to enforce workplace safety and setting up an arm to oversee supply chain help? 

Dunno. Maybe. Hopefully. 

They're doing the best they can with what they have just like you are. Need some help doing what you do? That's what we're here for. See how we've helped healthcare organizations improve their supply chain margins in the past, and let's see how we can help you do the same in the future. 

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