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Take 5 Minutes To Learn About Emergency Sourcing

The Z5 Piggy Bank asks you to take five minutes to listen to our new podcast series.

We're not asking for much of your time, because you don't have much time to spare.

As we alluded to last week, we're beginning a podcast and video series. 

And since it's Z5's fifth birthday this year, we thought we'd approach Take 5: An Inventory Series as literally as possible. We take five minutes to discuss the issues of the week, and it only takes you five minutes to get involved in the discussion. 


Our first full episode is about creative sourcing during an emergency. That just might be something you're going through right now. (And if it's not an issue for you, honestly, we want to talk to you.) 


That episode was inspired by this article about the Illinois governor and this one about the California governor taking the creative approach to sourcing. 

We have more episodes coming about being careful who your sourcing partners are and emergency preparedness. 

You can make sure you're not missing an episode by subscribing on the YouTube or Buzzsprout pages above, or look for us on Spotify, Podchaser, and more podcast providers every day.

And get involved! 

We're dedicated to making this series as valuable to you as possible, so please offer your feedback and input. If you want to hear more about something - either because we haven't covered it yet or because five minutes wasn't enough time to do the deep dive the topic deserved - tell us! 

Email Reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Or leave a comment below. Who knows? You just might end up being exactly the expert we need one of these weeks. 

And don't forget to subscribe! A button click takes less than five seconds, and it gets you five minutes every week of highly specialized, expert commentary on the issues you're facing. 


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