Z5 Count - Quickly, Easily Count and Value Physical Inventory

Whether you are looking for an outsourced physical inventory or doing it yourself, Z5 gives you the opportunity to streamline the physical inventory valuation process. 

One area that hospitals have left virtually untouched by automation and process optimization is physical inventory counts and valuation. While warehouses and inventory store rooms may be well-managed using perpetual methods, clinical and procedural areas such as the OR, IR and Cath Lab are generally relegated to paper count sheets and spreadsheets during annual or semi-annual physical inventory counts. Supply Chain Managers admit that "the last mile" of inventory valuation is certainly not managed using "best practices." Manual processes prevail because ERP, Supply Chain, and Materials Management software vendors do not provide functionality to address physical inventory counts. That’s where Z5 comes in.

Z5 Inventory provides a comprehensive physical inventory count and valuation solution. Z5 Count allows you to manage the entire process, including data cleansing, inventory count, auditing, monitoring, and final valuation report with a single solution.  Z5 ships the iPads with the application and your data ready to go.

 - Mobile Device Count Sheets
 - Instant Dashboards, Analytics & Reports
 - Comprehensive Data Services

Looking to Outsource Your Count?

Z5 offers experienced inventory associates to help complete or augment your inventory efforts. From fully outsourced and managed projects down to basic project management, Z5 has you covered.

 - On-staff employees with hundreds of projects delivered
 - Project delivery experts that understand the standard of care is of upmost importance

Do you have an upcoming physical inventory Count? Fill out the form on this page and a rep will be in touch.