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Z5 Inventory purchases slow and excess medical supplies from hospitals and sells these items to other systems and networks within our program at a discounted cost. The program is fueled by our vast network of clients.

Z5 Inventory only acquires product directly from the hospital or system that originally purchased the product. This helps us maintain chain of custody certainty. Z5 Inventory also only resells unopened and undamaged product. All of our products go through a rigorous certification process to assure sterility and to eliminate any recalled items. Any products not up to your satisfaction can be returned at Z5's cost.

Z5 Inventory Product Certification Process:
  1. Verify Sterile Packaging Intact
  2. Check Expiration Date
  3. Record Mfg. Name, Mfg. Number, Product Description, Lot Number
  4. Take Picture
  5. Research Recall Status – ECRI.org
  6. Link to Product Web-Page or Sales PDF’s

Our software allows you to create a list of the items you currently use, down to the exact location where these items are stocked in your hospital. We then give you the opportunity to purchase the same products from the Z5 surplus at a discount. Items are delivered to areas with the highest turn rate to ensure immediate use.

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