Z5 Inventory Platform

Developed based on decades of experience in the healthcare supply chain space, the Z5 Inventory Platform was built to help you create an end to end view of your hospital inventory. The platform helps you streamline the process of taking physical inventories, develop insightful analytics to help you identify savings opportunities, and suggest the best methods for realizing those savings.

Mobile Data Collection

Z5 utilizes modern smart device technology rather than the traditionally limited methods like paper or handhelds. Counters utilize easy-to-handle Apple mobile device technology giving them digital count sheets and a window into their entire item master and purchase history. The devices communicate with your data via the internet connection in the hospital, or you can take them offline in areas where wi-fi is unavailable.

Instant Data Aggregation

As the counts are completed, Z5 allows you to view and run a large number of analytics as soon the data hits the server. You can immediately begin resolving "write-ins" and incorrect packing strings and seeing year-over-year variances. In addition, the inventory progress is viewable and the valuation is calculated. Extensive pre-built reports are available for you to export to Excel, or we can build you custom reports.

Advanced Savings Analytics

Z5 uses advanced proprietary algorithms against the collected data to provide suggestions on potential savings opportunities in your facilities and how to Reallocate product to achieve those savings.

"IT-Free" Implementation

There is nothing for you to install. All of your data is stored in a secure environment hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This environment allows you to access all of your data and results from any web browser. With this approach, we are able to keep the process relatively IT-free, meaning there is no need for expensive or complex system integrations. You can be up and running in as little as day if a rush job is required.

In addition, the easy-to-use app requires very little training. Most hospital staff can be trained on the basics in less than 30 minutes, as most are already very familiar with their own mobile devices. We can even import your current count sheets into the application to make things easier.

Unmatched Reliability

Z5 prides itself in providing reliable and dependable technology. Along with providing a more accurate solution than paper counts sheets, we use a triple redundancy system that saves your data in three locations before you even hit the "save" button yourself.  

If you would like to dig in more on the Z5 Inventory Platform, fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP!