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The Solution Brochure

A high-level overview of the services Z5 Inventory offers. You know - like how brochures do. 


Steward Saved $16M: Reallocate Case Study

Saving $16 Million seems impossible, but Steward hospitals were able to achieve it by moving, selling, and donating their excess medical supplies. 


Baylor Scott & White Counts in 1 Day: Count Case Study

All Baylor Scott & White facilities across Texas reach a final valuation on their inventory in 1 day. The secret is counting on a simple mobile app.  


Buy & Sell Medical Supplies

Get the best value possible when you exchange supplies you don't need for supplies that you do. 

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Count Your Pharmacy

It's the same great app and dashboard that you can use to count medical supplies - now specialized for pharmacy inventory. 


Tech Platform Overview

Want to see what kind of advanced inventory optimization you can do with our mobile app and online dashboard?