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How One Provider Reaches a Valuation in One Day


A healthcare provider is able to finalize its annual physical inventory valuation in a single day for all of its 31 facilities across the state of Texas.

By replacing paper count sheets with the Z5 Inventory mobile app, 217 counts have been conducted and completed within 24 hours.

See how in this case study.

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Data is pre-loaded into the mobile app.
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Record data quickly and upload results instantly. 
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Roll Up

View valuation results remotely as quickly as they're recorded.
Two counters from Z5 Inventory help hospital staff count medical supplies via the mobile app.

Speeding The Inventory Valuation Process

The healthcare provider found that they saved time beyond the process of counting what's on the shelves. Valuation prep and post-count data roll-up became significantly faster, too. 

Previous inventory data is pre-loaded into the Z5 Inventory mobile app, and data uploads wirelessly throughout the counting process. 

All supply chain staff can monitor the count process and flag mistakes as they're made. Wouldn't you like to do the same? 

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"This technology isn't just easier and quicker to use than paper count sheets. It's also more accurate and more dependable. Let me prove it to you."

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Carl Natenstedt, CEO, Z5 Inventory