About Z5 Inventory

Z5 Inventory is passionate about changing the face of healthcare. We are on a mission to help you clean up the healthcare supply chain and crush your annual savings goals. 15-30% of all hospital inventory is considered slow and excess, and we know someone who needs it even if you no longer do. Most slow and excess inventory will expire and be thrown out, creating billions in waste annually across the country. We provide opportunities for hospitals to Move, Sell, and Donate their excess inventory, thereby reducing the cost burden on you, the provider, and ultimately the individual.

Z5 is a company dedicated to achieving extraordinary results for our customers. Our name is a reflection of our core values.

Z: Like the Greek omega, Z occupies the final spot in the alphabet and represents the final, the ultimate, the end goal. It may vary from customer to customer based on your market segment and goals, but it is a reminder to all involved that we are going to keep our eyes and efforts focused on the big picture, making decisions and allocating assets to achieve extraordinary results for you.

5: The 5 represents the five core values that mark the path on the way to those extraordinary results. While our tactics and strategies will flex to suit each challenge, our values are the non-negotiable building blocks of your success:

1. Healthcare Focus: Our experience and expertise will fuel your success.

2. Integrity: Given the choice (and there’s ALWAYS a choice), we’ll do the right thing.

3. Excellence: Our team is dedicated to excellence in everything we do from start to finish.

4. Easy-to-Use Solutions: Time is valuable, and you won’t have to waste yours puzzling over our solutions.

5. Exceptional Customer Experience: When you call, we answer, and we’ll give you immediate solutions.