We’re Challenging Hospitals to Save $50 Million in 2020

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At Z5 Inventory, we believe it’s not enough to do good – you have to do better.  

Since 2020 is an important year for us - our fifth anniversary - we’re challenging ourselves to help hospitals across the country save $50 Million.

And for every $5 Million worth of product saved from expiration, Z5 will donate $5,000 to charity. 

It's a program we're calling 50 For 50.  


That’s where you get even more involved than you already are.
(Because you’re already dedicated to saving your hospital millions, right?)  

If you have a charity that’s close to your heart, please submit it in the form on this page.

We’ll be drawing a 501(c)(3) from the list of nominees each time we reach a savings milestone. And if you’re more motivated to help save medical and surgical supplies from expiring because it might benefit your favorite charity, even better.  


Giving back has been an important part of Z5 Inventory from the beginning. 

We’ve made Donate an essential pillar of our Z5 Reallocate offering. We’ve also been vocally and financially supportive of charities like Project C.U.R.E. and Cherish Uganda that bring health to communities in need. 

Learn how we help hospitals save millions through Z5 Reallocate. Learn more about the impact that donating product can make.

And sign up to receive updates as we continue on our 50 For 50 journey. 

50 For 50 Nominations

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"Our mission is to eliminate product expiration entirely by predicting those products at risk before they expire, moving them into high-usage locations and driving substantial savings to the bottom line."

— Carl Natenstedt
CEO of Z5 Inventory